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At WInsley Primary, FLaG stands for Foundation Learning and Growing.  Our afternoons consist of Foundation subjects taught in mixed year groups.

FLaG Name

Year Group


FLaG 1

Reception/Year 1

Mrs Fuller

FLaG 2

Year 1/Year 2

Mrs Sillem/Mrs Capetti

FLaG 3

Year 2/Year 3

Mrs Cockerham

FLaG 4

Year 3/Year 4

Miss Evans

FLaG 5

Year 4/Year 5

Mrs Kelly/Ms. Candlish

FLaG 6

Year 5/Year 6

Ms. Taylor/Mrs Waterhouse

During these times, we cover:

  • Art which involves working with a variety of materials and techniques and the theory behind artists and their work.
  • Computing which aims to familiarise pupils with core concepts including terms such as algorithm, simple program, logical reasoning, decomposing, sequence, selection and repetition. This is done in the context of engaging activities such as the use of the Bee-bot floor robot and online programs such as Scratch. E-safety remains a major focus.
  • DT where pupils engage in practical problems to develop confidence and understanding of the thinking and practical skills involved in this area of the curriculum.
  • Geography where topics such as maps in literature, our own locality, development education and the establishment of an environment ethic are covered. Children are given the opportunity to develop relevant geographical concepts and acquire graphical and enquiry skills.
  • History where the nature of historical evidence and imaginative involvement in the past through practical classroom activities is encouraged.
  • Music where children study composition, classroom music making and listening within a practical framework.
  • Physical Education which focuses on children's movement development and extends their knowledge and understanding of Games, Gymnastic Activities, Dance and Swimming.
  • PSHE which stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and involves learning about relationships, keeping healthy and changes.
  • Religious Education with an emphasis on our special status as a Church of England school. Children are encouraged to learn about and learn from a variety of major world religions. Children's statutory entitlement to daily collective worship is also included in our afternoon learning sessions.
  • French as part of our Modern Foreign Languages programme. Children learn the progression of French through an appropriate balance of speaking, listening and writing. They learn about different cultures and their traditions, comparing diverse ways of living with their own and deepening their curiosity and understanding of the world.
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