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Sport at Winsley 2017-2018

For more information about sports events please visit West Wiltshire School Games website- https://wwsgo.co.uk/


Termly Events

Term 1-

19.09.17 - Swimmig starts for Year 3 and 4

26,09.17 - Football training at Christ Church with Me Kiely

29.09.17 - Inclusive PE Course (Miss Price)

29.09.17 - Race for Life at St Laurence (Year 5 and 6)

02.10.17 - Bots Dance Workshop at Matravis

03.10.17 - Cluster Football Tournment at Christ Chuch (Football team Year 4, 5 and 6)

09.10.17 - PE Conference at Trowbridge Civic Centre (Mrs Cockerham and sports leaders)

11.10.17 - G&T Dance Workshop at Trowbridge Civic Centre

13.10.17 - Tag Rugby at St Laurence (Year 3 and 4)

17.10.17 - Multiskills Festival at Christ Church (Year 1 and 2)

Term 2 -

06.11.17 - Table Top Cricket , 6 week course (Butteflies)

06.11.17 - Girls Football Tourament at Kingdown (Year 5 and 6)

10.11.17 - Tag Rugby Festival at St Laurence (Year 5 and 6)

20.11.17 - Small Schools' Football Tournament (Boys' football team, Year 4, 5, and 6)

28.11.17 - SEND Boccia Festival at Clarendon

29.11.17 - All Stars Cricket at Christie Miller (Caterpillar Class)

04.12.17 - PLT Meeting at Cumberwell (Mrs Cockerham)

05.12.17 - SEND New Age Kurling Festival at John of Gaunt

Term 3 -

05.01.18- New Age Curling- Buttefly Class.
09.01.18 - Trampolining Club at St Laurence
17.01.18- Dance Festival SEND Workshop at Warminster Sports Centre
23.01.18 - PE Conference at Trowbridge Civic Centre (Mrs Cockerham and Sports Leaders)

08.02.18 - Dance Festival at the Bath Forum

18.01.18 and 01.02.18- Inclusive PE training sessions for the staff

Term 4-

22.02.18- Bradford on von Cluster hockey Tournament, Year 5 & 6.

26.02.18- Football training with Dani at Winsley Primary School

27.02.18 - Bradford on Avon Cluster Netball Tournament, Year 5 & 6.

wb- 28,02.18- New trim trail being assembled

05.03.18 - West Wiltshire Hockey Tournament at Kingdown, Year 5 & 6.

07.03.18- Dance Festival revuew (Mrs Cockerham)

12.03.18 - West Wiltshire Netball Tournament at Kingdown School.

12.03.18- Football Training with Dani at Winsley Primary School

14.03.18-Whole school Yoga say and staff training session.

19.03.18 - PLT meeting at Cumberwell Golf Club (Mrs Cockerham).

26.03.19 - West Wiltshire Tag Rugby Tournament at Trowbridge Rugby Club..

27.02.18- Commonwealth Games Event at St Laurence, Year 3 & 4.

Term 5-


Term 6-




Congratulations to our netball team who came second in the Bradford on Avon Cluster Tournament. They won 2 out of their 3 matches and have qualified for the West Wiltshire Competition.

A big well done to our hockey team who came first in the Bradford on Avon Hockey Tourmament. Is it still ok to call it a tournemnt if only two teams turn up?! Mr Kiely thought they were a fantastic hockey team.

We are so proud of all the children who took part in this years' dance festival. They worked incredibly hard to learn the routine and performed it brilliantly on the night. They were all fantastic and such a credit to our school.

Congratulations to our boys' football team who came 2nd in the Cluster Football Competition. They played brilliantly and managed to beat the two biggest teams in the cluster. We are very proud of them.

A big well done to Tristan and Jake who took part in the Boys' Dance Workshop at Matravis School. They had a fantastic morning and learnt many new moves!

Well done to Holly and Rosie who took part in a G&T Dance Workshop at Trowbridge Civic Centre. They worked with children form different schools learning new choreography.

A massive congratulations to our girls' football team who came joint first in their grouo at the West Wiltshire Football Tournament. They worked incredibly hard before the events, practising every lunchtime with Mrs Webb!

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