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Absence from school


Registers are taken at 9am and 1pm every day.

All absences are recorded with an electronic code which is used to create your child’s attendance record.

If a child’s attendance falls below 95%, the school is directed by Wiltshire Council to send a letter home to parents.

Authorised absence

The following absences are coded as authorised:

a) Illness

If your child is too ill to come to school:

          Phone or email the school by 9.30am on each morning of absence giving the reason for absence.

          If the school does not receive a phone call or an email, we will contact you and request a reason for absence.

          If we do not receive a reason, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

b) Medical appointments

If your child has a medical appointment, please notify us in advance in person, by phone, or by email giving the date of the appointment and the time they will return to school/need to be picked up.

c) Other planned absence

Please fill in an Absence Request Form for:

  • External examination: eg music, ballet
  • Visit to new school
  • Funeral of close family member (at Headteacher’s discretion)
  • Wedding of close family member (at Headteacher’s discretion)
  • Family emergency (at Headteacher’s discretion)
  • Holiday for children of parents in armed forces personnel on leave from active service (written confirmation required)

Unauthorised absence

In line with Government and Wiltshire Council policy, we do not authorise leave for holidays during term time. The Headteacher may authorise up to five days absence within a six-month period, twice within an academic year in special circumstances. If your reason for requesting leave falls outside of the above criteria but you believe there are exceptional circumstances for the absence, please give as much detail as possible on the Absence Request Form.

If requested leave which has not been authorised is taken, it will be recorded as unauthorised absence. If unauthorised absence exceeds ten sessions (ie five days) in any six month period within an academic year, the school is required to report this to the Local Authority. The Local Authority may then decide to levy a fine.  Please see below information from Wiltshire Council regardng leave of absence and our absence request form.


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