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Who are we?

WiSCA stands for the Winsley School Community Association which is our version of the PTA. We changed the name so that it included the community a few years ago to acknowledge the help that we get from so many people around us.

We raise money by hosting some wonderful events such as:

  • Summer & Christmas Fayres
  • Discos
  • Village Quiz night
  • Cake Sales
  • Bonfire Night Event + much more

Follow us on Facebook

There's a Facebook group for WiSCA which has all the latest updates and events. Click here to see it.

The money we raise...

We're lucky to have a great WiSCA team that constantly help organise fundraising events which help support the school with any day to day or special projects that they need.

A few examples of the ways in which we help are

  • Renewing the annual subscription to Mathletics (£80)
  • Playpod re-fill every year (£350)
  • Y6 hoodies and residential trip
  • Reception class outdoor space (£1,500)
  • Refreshing library books
  • Buying new playhouses for the KS1 areas
  • Explorer dome coming into the school
  • Kitting out the 7th classroom with new tables, chairs and wellyboot trollies
  • Funding repairs like the school path and the carpark safe crossing.


You'll find all the WiSCA events on the main calendar on the school home page here.


Sign up to TheGivingMachine and help to raise funds for the school every time you shop online with no extra charge to you!

Matched funding

Does your company help with matched funding? It's an easy way to sometimes double our fundraising totals for events. Contact us if they do.

The best way...

The very best way to help WiSCA raise funds and show support for the school is to turn up. Bake the cake for your class sales or just buy a slice everything counts towards making WiSCA and the school a vibrant and successful environment.

Thank you to you the parents, carers and community for all the hard work you've put in historically and for the future.

Support from PTA-UK

We're part of the PTA-UK which gives us guidance to ensure our events are legal and safe. www.PTA.org.uk

Who's who in WiSCA...

Who Role Class
Alex Benjamin Chair Bees
Becca Durnford Secretary Ants
Annika Atkins Treasurer Butterflies and Ladybirds
Anna Mountford Communication Butterflies
Louise Webster Class Rep Ladybirds
Gemma Foster Class Rep Ladybirds
Lucy Hayes Class Rep Bees
Clare Cobb Class Rep Butterflies
Vicky Burvill Class Rep Butterflies
Becca Durnford Class Rep Ants
Helen Beasley Class Rep Fireflies
Andrea Asbury Class Rep Fireflies
Selina Jobson Class Rep Dragonflies
Cassie Heaton Class Rep Dragonflies
Janine Dobson Class Rep Caterpillars

To get involved please message the group via Facebook

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