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Wraparound Care

A fun, safe enviroment where Winsley children can still learn, play and interact with adults they know and trust. Wraparound Care offers regular and ad-hoc care both before and after school.

Everybody is welcome, from Reception to Year 6 with a range of different activities to suit the different age groups.

During wraparound care, the children have access to safe and fun play equipment and daily planned acitivities, but also have the ability to choose what suits them.

Wraparound Contact number

If you need to contact a member of the Wraparound team, please call 07932 013862.  Please note that they are only contactable during Wraparound hours.  

Breakfast Club

The children have a range of activties to do. They are offered toast or cereal for their breakfast with a drink. This is a relaxed enviroment ready to start the school day.

Drop off is any time from 7.30am. At 8.20am the children have the choice to do the Womble. (Friday everybody Wombles at 8.20am)

7.30am - 8.40am: £4.50

After School Club

With new and different activities planned every day, the children have the choice to stay within KS1 and KS2 groups or join in with everyone.

They children will enjoy a light supper consisiting of either sandwiches, wraps, toastie or pizza with fruit and a drink.

3.15pm- 5pm: £7.00

3.15pm- 5.30pm: £8.10

3.15pm - 6pm: £9.70


Below is the type of activities we do daily, these may change depending on the weather.

  KS1 KS2


Storytelling Club

Pick your favourite story, get comfy with some beanbags and listen to Mrs Rush.


Free play

Play with the cars/dolls. Or make something out of the Lego.


Get in to teams and battle for victory in a game of dodgeball.



Free play

See what you can create with the Lego or play with the games.


Den building

Use the equipment to make the best den.


Bug hunt

Use the science backpacks to see what bugs you can find under the telescope.

PlayPod or Gardening Club

Join Mr Prudhoe’s gardening club around the school grounds or see what you can make with the PlayPod equipment.



Design a route/treasure map and work as a team to get the BeeBot to the treasure.


Free Play

Play with the cars/dolls or make something out of the Lego.

Wii Games or Karaoke

Compete with your friends on the Wii fit or see who has the best singing voice in karaoke.



Use the Ipads to create an animation using Lego or cardboard.



Story Play

Pick your favourite story with Mr. Prudhoe and see if you act out the characters! 


Arts & Crafts

Make cards and crafts. Practise cutting and gluing to make something nice for someone.


Mr Walkers Fun Fit

Short exercise session with Mr Walker.


Be the teacher

Take charge of the KS1 session, print out sheets, help them colour or organise the arts & crafts activity.


Sport Games

Every week we have different activities and games to play.

Sport Games

Every week we choose a different sport to play.


Wraparound Meal Menu

How to book

Bookings must be made in advance via ParentPay.

Please read all additional paperwork for terms & conditions. All new children to wraparound care, will be required to fill out the initial booking forms.

If you are unsure how to use ParentPay, below is a document outlining how to book. We also accept childcare vouchers!


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