Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

  • Rebecca Wilson, Executive Head
  • Ross Wolverson, Head of School DSL and SENCo 

Hayley O’Pray, Class Teacher

Kelly Bottomley (Associate Member) Pastoral Lead and DDSL

Caterpillars: EYFS 
  • Sophie Cockerham (EYFS Lead)
  • Class Teacher (Mon - Tues)
  • Gemma Brooks, Class Teacher (Weds - Fri) 
  • Russell Gascoigne, Teaching Assistant / HLTA 
  • Yuliia Smetiukh, Teaching Assistant
Butterflies : Year 1 
  • Jacki Beck, Class Teacher  (Mon - Tues) 
  • Hayley O'Pray (SLT) , Class Teacher  (Weds, Thurs and Fri) 
  • Charlotte Davies, Teaching Assistant 
  • Amanda Lerwill, Teaching Assistant (Thurs and Fri AM) 
Ants : Year 2 
  • Tommy Davies Class Teacher  (Mon and Tues)
  • Nadine Capetti, Class Teacher  (Weds,Thurs and Fri) 
  • Karl Allen, Teaching Assistant
  • Jaine Ashworth, Teaching Assistant
  • Amanda Lerwill, Teaching Assistant (Mon, Tues and Weds AM) 
Fireflies: Years 3 and 4 

Linda Fuller, Class Teacher 

Cathy Hepple, Teaching Assistant

Dragonflies Years 5 and 6 
  • Sarah Inman, Class Teacher 
  • Colin Prudhoe, Teaching Assistant 
  • Rachel Symonds, HLTA 
  • Julie Targett, Teaching Assistant
Support Staff

Jennie Shenton, School Operations Co-ordinator 

Mary Chakraborty - School Receptionist 

       Kelly Bottomley Assistant SENCo, DDSL and Pastoral Support 

  • Kath Field, Teaching Assistant - Speech and Language Intervention
Catering Team
  • Michelle Austin, Catering Manager and Lead Cleaner


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