Uniform policy

Uniform is compulsory at Winsley Primary School. 

All items of clothing including: coats, shoes and PE kit  must be clearly named. 

At Winsley Primary School we are proud to be a part of our amazing community and we wear our school uniform with pride; we have shared high standards and expectations necessary to prepare our children for their future.  

The colours of the Winsley Primary School uniform are grey and black with red jumpers for PE. We thank our families for supporting us in maintaining our shared high standard of the presentation of our children.  

As a school we understand that many of our families face difficult financial choices, we have worked very hard to ensure our uniforms are affordable, hard wearing and “use competitive and transparent contracts with suppliers” as required by the Department of Education. All of the items listed below are required. 


All children must have: 


  • A sensible coat of the appropriate thickness for the weather, with hood (preferably a plain dark colour - winter) 

  • All children should have a pair of wellingtons and a waterproof coat/trousers available for nature walks, forest school, wet days and playtimes (winter) 


Earrings, jewellery, hairstyles, nail polish and tattoos (these rules apply to all our children).  


  • Children may wear a wristwatch but are not permitted to wear necklaces, charity wristbands or bracelets of any description. 

  • In the interests of health and safety we prefer the children not to wear earrings but if they do one pair of studs may be worn in the ear lobe only, one in each ear.  These must be removed or taped up for PE. 

  • If your children are having their ears pierced, please do this in a long school holiday. 

  • Children are not allowed to have extreme hairstyles. For example, mohicans, beaded hair extensions, patterns shaved into the hairline, extremes of different lengths (e.g. long top hair with shaved sides or shaved undercuts) dyed hair and highlighted hair. For health and safety reasons hair below shoulder length should be tied back and long fringes clipped back (boys and girls) and be off the face so that eye contact can be made.  

  • Children must not wear nail polish, false nails, makeup or tattoos. 

  • Any hair bands must be subtle and not distracting.  


All of the clothes below can be 'generic' apart from the jumper / cardigan with the school logo. 




Grey school jumper with logo (ordered via your child's ParentPay account) Winter 


Grey school cardigan / jumper with logo (ordered via your child's ParentPay account) Winter 

White polo shirt  - all year 

White polo shirt - all year 

Black shorts or trousers - all year 

Black skirt or pinafore or trousers or shorts - all year 

Red & white check dress for summer & white socks (ankle or knee high) - all year 

Black socks - all year 

Black tights or socks - all year 

Plain black shoes or trainers - all year 

Plain black shoes or trainers - all year 

Black outdoor shoes can double up as your child's PE trainers but must be plain black, smart and have no branding or any other colours 

Black outdoor shoes can double up as your child's PE trainers but must be plain black, smart and have branding or any other colours 


PE For Boys And Girls 


Black pair of shorts or leggings or skirt and plain white t-shirt - all year 

Red sweatshirt jumper - all year (available from several low cost suppliers including:  ASDA George clothing brand Visit here 

Black outdoor trainers (these can double up as your child’s school shoes but must be plain black and have no branding or any other colours) - all year 

Black tracksuit bottoms - winter 

PE kit should be worn to school on the day that your child has this subject. 

Branded uniform & book bags can be ordered via your child's ParentPay account. Please see sizing and measurement chart below: 

In line with current DfE guidance our PTA (WISCA) runs a second-hand uniform shop. 

Donations of good quality clothing are always welcome, particularly plimsolls and football boots. 

More information is available from the school office or here from the Department of Education and the updated guidance from September 2022. 


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